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The moving and storage industry is a vital part of our American Economic System. Our industry provides the movement of peoples products Thereby making our society dynamic rather than static.



All members of the New Mexico Movers and Warehousemen's Association strive to provide honest, efficient, high quality services to the New Mexico commercial and household goods moving consumer. All members pledge to advance the following code of ethics:

To encourage and develop the highest levels of industry service quality.

To promote the lawful best interests of our industry, association and craft.

To adhere to all the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission rules and regulations as they relate to our industry and operation.

To observe all laws relating to operations and employee safety.

To operate as responsible employers and to encourage our employees to behave honorably and responsibly as they represent our industry.

To participate in advertising that only portrays our services in an honest and fair manner.

To cooperate in the lawful review of any person in our industry alleged to be engaged in improper practices.

To fully explain carrier limits of liability.

To uphold and observe all membership obligations.

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